Rosemary Lavender for the Calmest Hive in the Land

Life can be stressful sometimes. Breathe in…breathe out. Now, lift one of Savannah Bee Company’s new Rosemary Lavender body care products to your nose and do it again. Ahhhhhh, there you go. Relaxed now? Feeling more focused?

People in the stores and online are raving about the relaxing aromas coming from our new Rosemary Lavender scent collection. The new line contains therapeutic-grade essential oils that help you (and your body) be calm and balanced.

Emily Polonus, with doTERRA Essential Oils, says the use of these oils “really supports the connection to the present moment, to myself, and it seeks to unite mind, body, and spirit.” The oils create a bridge between our emotional and physical health. “The oils enter through the olfactory system and travel to the limbic system, specifically your amygdala, where we store all of our experiences, and that’s powerful because that can only really be accessed through our olfactory system,” says Polonus.

Lavender has always been known to calm users, and it’s also considered the oil of communication, opening up pathways for people to connect honestly with each other and speak from their hearts. “I call lavender the ‘gateway oil,’” says Polonus, “a very common place to start with aromatherapy because it really is all things calming. It’s not only calming for immunity and emotions, but it’s also calming for skin irritations.” Lavender is also antibacterial and anti-inflammatory, so it works well to alleviate the sting from insect bites and skin allergies.

Polonus explains that rosemary is known as the oil of knowledge and transition, and it can assist users with confusion and difficulty adjusting to changes in life. Rosemary is also antimicrobial and can work as a decongestant to help support your respiratory system. “I even use it when I think I’m coming down with something. I rub a little bit of rosemary on the outside of my throat,” says Polonus. Rosemary is also restorative and stimulating, and it helps with mental clarity and opens users to new experiences.

Therapeutic-grade oils can be used in medicinal capacities, and when rosemary and lavender oils are blended together, there’s a synergistic effect, and they can become more powerful. “I don’t think there’s a more powerful way to be than when you’re coming from a calm, centered place, but you’re going to have that energy too, so you’re going to be much more alert,” says Polonus.

Essential Oil Use In Ancient Times

Ancient Romans used lavender for bathing and scenting the air, while Ancient Egyptians utilized it for mummification and perfume. In Medieval days, women washed clothes in lavender water and employed lavender bushes as clotheslines. Lavender was also used to help alleviate insomnia, ward off infection, and heal wounds. Rosemary was used as a symbol of remembrance in ancient times. Students in Ancient Greece wore rosemary around their necks to help recall exam answers, and it was incorporated into wedding ceremonies to help the participants and guests seal the events of the day in their minds. In the Middle Ages, people thought rosemary chased away negativity and increased prosperity, and it was burned in the home to fight nightmares, evil spirits, and roaming diseases. It was also used to help cure poor digestion, migraines, and muscle aches.

Science has even shown that rosemary essential oil can increase mental awareness and improve memory, while lavender can decrease anxiety, improve mood, and enhance sleep. Not only have many people mentioned they use our products for relaxation and sleep, but a few customers and employees have also said the scents help relieve their tension headaches and heal cuts and scrapes.

Rosemary Lavender Scent Collection

I like to describe our Rosemary Lavender line as “yoga in a jar,” and by that, I mean something like child’s pose or one of those other ones where you lie down with your eyes closed (my favorite kind of exercise). I’ve always used our body balm under my nose and on my temples to help me relax before I go to sleep. Now, I smooth the Rosemary Lavender Royal Jelly Body Butter® on my face after a shower, carry the Lip Balm in my pocket at all times to sniff when I’m feeling stressed, and massage the Beeswax Salve into my dry cuticles and on all those pesky summer bug bites. My pale skin doesn’t take long to burn under the sun during outdoor activities, and the Rosemary Lavender Honey Body Lotion is quick to cool pink shoulders.

“Aromatherapy is such an experiential practice. You can read about it all day, but the power comes from the sensory experience,” says Polonus.

Make sure you check out our new Rosemary Lavender collection to help you #beebalanced and calm your senses. Take a deep breath and have a relaxing summer.