How do I redeem points?

You can redeem your points at checkout. At checkout, you’ll be able to view your total points balance and a list of available rewards eligible for redemption. Points can be redeemed for $5 (100 points), $10 (200 points), $15 (300 points), $20 (400 points), $25 (500 points), or $50 (1,000 points) coupons.  

For a more thorough walk-through, see below:  

Any available points can be applied using the drop down menu on the right side of the page at check out. 

You will want to check on the left side of the “information page” to ensure you are logged in. Please see the included image below for reference. 


If you're checking out on a tablet, or on mobile, the layout will look different. You'll need to open the “order summary” to view your available points.