FAQ Rewards

  • The Royalty Rewards Program is Savannah Bee Company’s loyalty program that rewards its members with points every time they shop online at savannahbee.com, or in-store using their account email. Members can redeem their points for coupons they can use online or in-store, and get exclusive access to newsletters, recipes, and promotions, in addition to several other perks. There are three tiers in the program (Newbee, Worker Bee, and Queen Bee). As members advance to a higher tier, they gain access to even more perks.  

  • Customers who are located in Hawaii, Alaska, or Canada are eligible to join the Royalty Rewards Program, but unfortunately are not eligible to receive free shipping. 

  • It's free to join the program! Simply enroll in the program on the create an account page. Whenever you make an eligible purchase or complete a non-purchase point-earning activity while logged in to your loyalty account, you earn points that are directly applied to your account.

  •  No. If you already have an account with us, you do not need to sign up again. You’re already a part of the program.

  • If you are sure you have an account with us, but are experiencing trouble logging in, please reset your password on the reset your password page. If you do not receive an email within 5-10 minutes, please email customer experience at info@savannahbee.com.  

  • You earn points every time you shop with us. Every $1 you spend is 1 point you can use towards future purchases. Members can also earn points by performing certain other program actions listed on our rewards page.

  • If you did not receive points, it could be possible you did not leave an eligible review. An eligible review is an approved review that wasn’t uploaded within 1 day of an already published review. Once you leave a review for a product, you must wait 1 day before you can earn points for giving an additional review.    Reviews are only approved if they do not contain explicit language, and the review itself pertains to the product you are reviewing.  If you have additional questions, please email customer experience at info@savannahbee.com.

  • You can only add a photo or video to a review through a SMS or email review request.

  • Simply login to your account and head to the rewards page. Navigate to “Ways to Earn Points” and add your birth date to the “Happy BEE-day” tile.

  • You must register your birthday on the rewards page at least 30 days prior to your birthday. If your  birthday falls between the day you registered and the 30 day waiting period afterwards, you will receive your birthday points 30 days after registration. This delay is only applicable for the first year that you signed up. Please contact info@savannahbee.com if you have any additional questions. 

  • You can always check your current points balance on your account page by logging into your account. You can also see your point balance on the rewards page, once you are logged in.

  • No, there is no limit to the number of points you can earn.

  • No, but you must use your account email at checkout. 

  • Yes, in order to redeem points, you must be logged in to your account.

  • Yes, your points will expire after 12 months of account inactivity. Account inactivity occurs when you do not earn or redeem points.

  • You can redeem your points at checkout. At checkout, you’ll be able to view your total points balance and a list of available rewards eligible for redemption. Points can be redeemed for $5 (100 points), $10 (200 points), $15 (300 points), $20 (400 points), $25 (500 points), or $50 (1,000 points) coupons.  

    For a more thorough walk-through, see below:  

    Any available points can be applied using the drop down menu in the “order summary” side panel on the check out information page. 

    You will want to check on the page under the "Contact information" heading to ensure you are logged in.
    If you're checking out on a tablet, or on mobile, the layout will be different. You'll need to open the expandable “order summary” to find your available points.

  • Points cannot be applied to purchases paid in installments.

  • We are working on a system update that will soon allow you to redeem your points using and express checkout method. However, in the interim, you may place your order via the express checkout method then contact support at info@savannahbee.com and we can issue a refund on the back end for the points you wish to use. Just let us know the order number and number of points you wish to apply and we will buzz into action!Alternatively, you may reach us at 800-955-5080 Monday-Friday, 8am to 5pm, EST to place an order over the phone and we can apply your points at that time.

  • Points are only deducted once the transaction has fully processed. So if your order did not process or you changed your mind about checking out, no points will be deducted.

  • Once you redeem your points, they will immediately be applied to your order summary at checkout.  *Please note, points will not be deducted from your account until your order has fully processed.  

  • Your tier status is determined by the total amount you spend with us beginning from the start date of the program (October 7, 2022) and onward. Total spend is calculated based on the actual purchase price after all discounts, and excludes shipping and taxes. Once you qualify for a tier, you instantly move up and have access to that tier's perks for life. As you move up in tier status, you will retain all benefits from the previous tier.  *Please note, any amount spent before the start date of the program (October 7, 2022) does not count towards total spend. 

  • No, once you qualify for a tier, you will be in that tier for life.*Please note, your tier status may be downgraded in cases of refunded purchases.

  • Points expire 1 year after customer inactivity. Inactiivity is based off of earned points or making a purchase.

  • When your total spend crosses a tier threshold, you will receive an email or SMS welcoming you into the new tier. You can also check your tier status at anytime on your account page or on the rewards page. 

  • Please allow up to 2 business days for your Product Review to be assessed. Only eligible reviews will be published to the website.

  • Once you reach a certain tier status, you become eligible for free standard shipping for all order that meet the minimum thresold, which varies depending on your tier status. Once that threshold is met (after all discounts are applied), you will qualify for free standard shipping on your order. You must select the standard shipping option at checkout, and you must use your account email to receive free standard shipping. *Please note, customers located in Hawaii, Alaska, Puerto Rico, or Canada are not eligible for free shipping.

  • You can redeem points for coupons that you can use on purchases online or in-store. We currently offer six coupons. See below: 
    $5 coupon= 100 points  
    $10 coupon= 200 points  
    $15 coupon= 300 points  
    $20 coupon= 400 points  
    $25 coupon= 500 points  
    $50 coupon= 1,000 points  

  • Yes, in order to redeem a coupon, the total value of the cart must be greater than the value of the coupon. See below a further breakdown of each coupon’s limitations:  

    $5 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than $6 
    $10 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than 11 
    $15 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than $16 
    $20 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than $21 
    $25 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than $26 
    $50 coupon= Can only be applied if cart is greater than $51 

  • Email our customer experience team at info@savannahbee.com or call at 1-800-955-5080.

  • Yes! You can earn 200 points every time you refer a friend who spends $30 or more on their first purchase. No limit!

  • Once you are referred by a friend, you will receive an email containing a link that will direct you back to savannahbee.com. Once you are directed to the site, you will receive a pop up with your coupon code. You must make a minimum purchase of $30 to receive your discount, and this must be your first order. Please copy the code and apply it at checkout to receive your discount. If you have more questions, please contact customer experience at info@savannahbee.com.

  • Yes, please email customer experience at info@savannahbee.com or call at 1-800-955-5080.

  • Yes, we can help merge points into one loyalty account if you have used multiple email addresses to place orders online or in-store. We will verify that the names and addresses on the two loyalty accounts match.  To combine your accounts, please contact info@savannahbee.com with the following information: Subject Line: Request to merge loyalty accounts Email address you want to merge points to: Email address you want to take points from: 

  • If you would like to delete your account, please contact info@savannahbee.com with the following information:  Subject Line: Request to delete customer loyalty account  Account email address you would like deleted: