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Lavender Macarons with Honeycomb Buttercream

Macarons are undoubtedly one of the most cheerful cookies out there. These petite treats are light and delicate, but also manage to be rich and indulgent as well. Their beautiful, colorful presentation never ceases to put smiles on faces, which is ju…
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Why Should I Try Bee Pollen?

The high nutritional value of bee pollen is why humans are interested in it. Often referred to as nature‚Äôs most complete food, bee pollen is a powerful and easily absorbed source of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and protein. In fact, it contains a…
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New Product Alert: Bee Pollen from Spain!

The Savannah Bee Company is now offering an exciting new addition to our line of healthy, raw, and all-natural bee products. Bee Pollen sourced directly from Spain!Bee pollen is considered an almost perfect food, containing protein, carbs, fats, vita…
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