(Upbeat music playing in the background.) 

(No dialogue)

Onscreen text reading Savannah Bee Company logo with save the bees under it. 

Beehives shown in the background.

Ted Dennard, founder, and CEO walking under a canopy of trees, tending to his beehives. 

Sequence of  Ted Dennard walking through orange tree groves, walking through Tupelo swamp marsh, observing his beehives with a beekeeper’s veil on and walking under a canopy of trees, tending to his beehives. 

Beautiful angles of bees swarming the hives and moving across honeycomb and raw edible honeycomb on a wooden plate.

Sequence of   Ted Dennard walking through the orange tree groves, reaches up and points at the orange trees, walking alongside beekeeper down in Florida. Ted and Beekeepers down in Florida look at how our Orange Blossom Gold Reserve is packaged. 

Ted holds the Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey up towards the sun to see how beautiful it is. 

Sequence of   Savannah Bee Company specialty12 oz honeys, Orange blossom honey sitting on a pile of orange blossom flower petals, Saw Palmetto honey with palmetto leaves in the background, Acacia Honey with a blue label and a bowl of green moss with a wooden spoon dripping honey on to the moss below, rosemary  honey with a spring of rosemary sitting in a bowl of honey as it drizzles over the side, Lavender  Honey with purple flowers in the background, Wildflower Honey sitting on top of orangish, yellow daisies, Tupelo Honey sitting and surround by tupelo blossoms and leaves, Savannah Honey surrounded by fuchsia, yellow and purple wildflowers, Peace honey surrounded by yellow purple and green leafy flowers, 

Transition to sequences of the Tupelo Swam from the trees in the marsh, wetlands, cardinal sitting on a branch in the marsh, a turtle sunbathing on a branch hovering the marsh and a bird flying from its home out of a tree. 

Ted walking through the marsh, green canopy of the trees above, a close up of the tupelo blossom on the tree.

Ted pouring tupelo honey out of a flute and on to his finger

Ted smelling the tupelo blossom on the tree.

Tupelo 12 oz Honey sitting and surround by tupelo blossoms and leaves.

Bahama blue waters with a strip of rocky land emerging from the water.

Ted showing someone in the Bahamas how to use a smoker to balm the bees. 

Bees moving on a panel of honeycomb from the hive

Honeycomb from the hive is held up to the light seeing all the golden yellow honeycombs.

Someone from the Bahamas working on a wood bee box.

Bees buzzing out from under the hive.

Sun beaming through tree branches with yellow flowers.

Two bees getting pollen from a yellow flower

Orange blossom from an Orange Tree

Ted touching a tupelo blossom 

A bumble bee pollinating on top of a sunflower

Someone sticking their fingers into a honeycomb right from the beehive.

Wildflower 12 oz Honey sitting on top of orangish, yellow daisies.

Ted Dennard holding out his hand covered in bees while educating children about the importance of bees.

Children from a local school hold out their hands to have the bees put into their hands.

One student carries a beehive box full of bees. 

A schoolteacher holds up their hand covered in bees.

Ted Dennard teaches the students in their classroom about the importance of bees. Ted continues to education the students while touching the inside beehive observation inside the student’s classroom 

Bee Cause 12oz Honey with the Bee Cause logo sitting beside a round wooden pencil holder holding number 2 pencils

Ted talking to a local child in the Bahamas, a local beekeeper in the Bahamas pulls out a panel of honeycomb from the hive.

Bees buzzing and moving around the hive, Ted talking to the local beekeeper

Two local beekeepers standing smiling next to the beehive

Students smiling at the video and Ted talking to the schoolteacher about the observation hive inside the classroom 

Ted and Tammi Enright, the founder of the bee cause talking to the teachers and students at a local school in the Bahamas

Sequence of  20 oz flute of honey on the shelves inside our retail store, 3 oz honey jars making their way through the production line, 3 oz honey jar being filled up with honey, Bees being pushed off into someone’s hand off a honey panel, honeybees buzzing on a plank of wood, honeybees buzzing out of the different beehives.

Ted walking outside under mossy trees where beehives are stationed.

Concluding with Savannah Bee Companies Mission.

Savannah Bee Co. Mission Statement

You’ll notice our name doesn’t contain the word “honey”—our mission has always been about the bees.

Everything we do at Savannah Bee Co. is so bees can continue their sacred work of building hives, pollinating flowers, powering our food supply, and spreading beauty. We understand that climate change, pesticides, and other threats to the bees’ fragile ecosystems also affect humanity, and we believe healthy bees make for a healthy planet. Saving the bees remains our highest priority.

Of course, we’re committed to bringing our customers the most delicious honey sourced from beekeepers around the world, most of whom we know by name. These beekeepers share our passion for saving the bees, and each of their carefully-tended hives promotes a healthy bee population and a better environment. More beekeepers means more bees, and we have helped develop and sustain a beekeeping culture in the Caribbean by providing equipment, marketing, and education to aspiring apiarists.

We believe our greatest impact is in education. The Bee Cause Project has provided over 330 observation bee hives in schools across the country and beyond, introducing children to the science of bees and giving them a hands-on connection between these magnificent pollinators and their own lives. We also encourage higher education in our own community, donating proceeds from our Peace Honey to the Frank Callen Boys & Girls Club, an organization that helps guide local students into college.

With each jar of honey, bee-powered beauty product, and cultivated hive, we’re working to save the bees. And with every purchase from Savannah Bee Co., you are too.