Black Sage Grilled Chicken Taco Recipe

Make every day Taco Tuesday with Black Sage Grilled Chicken Taco Recipe.  Personally, I'm a taco fanatic and could eat them all day every day.  If I buy a pack of 20 taco shells, we’re eating 20 tacos that week.  I mean I love them.  Breakfast tacos- yes. Lunch and Dinner tacos, absolutely. Dessert tacos? I’m in.

To celebrate the return of Black Sage Honey, I’m making my favorite Honey Grilled Chicken Tacos.  Black sage has an herbaceous, earthy flavor that is perfect for the grill.  This rare honey makes grilled chicken tender without being sweet.

Really though - the trick to tasty tacos is pan frying your tortillas.  I always used to warm my tortillas in the oven.  I thought I was doing it right. Wrong. Pan fry your tortillas in butter to take your taco game to the next level.

black-sage-1-of-1-15Gluten Free?  Skip the shell and use red cabbage as a wrap!

black-sage-1-of-1-13If you don’t eat peppers, substitute jalapenos for fresh tomatoes and top with a stack of salty parmesan.

Otherwise, just follow the directions below for this mouth watering Black Sage Grilled Chicken Taco


Taco Stuffing:
Marinate chicken (or portabellas if you're vegetarian) in Worcestershire and butter for up to 30 min
Cook rice as directed
Heat the grill to medium high
Grill Chicken, Peppers, Onions on Medium High Heat
Stack butter and drizzle Black Sage Honey on chicken
Grill chicken for a few minutes on each side

Warm butter in sauté pan
Lightly fry tortilla on both sides

Layer in tacos:
Red Cabbage
Grilled Chicken


Recipe and Video by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle