'Bee Mine' Valentine's Cards

Your child's Valentine's party is just around the corner. Spend some QT with your kids creating these sweet little DIY Valentine's Cards using Savannah Bee Honey Straws.

Honey Straws are a healthy alternative to candy -- and just as yummy! This creative craft takes our sweet Honey Straws and turns them into adorable, unique Valentines that your children will enjoy making and bee excited to share with their friends.

Let people know how special they are to you and spread the love this Valentine's Day!


8.5X11 card stock
Savannah Bee Honey Straws
Utility or crafting knife (Use only with adult supervision)


  1. Download and print our Valentine's Card PDF  on card stock and cut into individual cards
  2. Fill out "To" and "From" lines
    Valentine's Cards
  3. Parents use open scissors (or exacto or utility knife) to make slits for Honey Straws 
  4. Thread Honey Straws through slit