Savannah Bee: The Evolution of a Logo

“The world is: fun, and familiar, and healthful, and unbelievably refreshing, and lovely.

And it is the theater of the spiritual; it is the multiform utterly obedient to a mystery.”

Mary Oliver

Original Savannah Bee Logo Original Savannah Bee Logo

Consider daily interactions with the world around you. As you drive through town you may see billboards, logos, or a restaurant’s sign flashing for attention. It doesn’t matter if you are driving, shopping, or sitting at your desk—you will find logos and other images surrounding you, competing for your regard. But what makes a logo memorable beyond appearance?

As humans, we have the capacity to find meaning beyond what we see right in front of us. To cultivate a greater understanding of something, we have to acknowledge our basic human need for stories, or the knowledge of how something came to fruition. A good narrative does more than relay information, it conveys a perspective that shapes how we regard the quality of the person or thing it represents. I would argue that people are more apt to remember something when they feel they are part of the narrative, the bigger picture. For example, when you purchase a Savannah Bee product, you become part of a unique experience of one where the consumer, the company, the beekeepers, the honeybees, and the environment all benefit.  Together, we perpetuate a kind of goodness that not only supports honeybees, it emulates them too.

Whether you’ve purchased a Savannah Bee product or have merely seen one in passing, you have undoubtedly been exposed to our company logo. In this post, I would like to include you in a narrative – based on my conversations with Ted – that explicates our logo’s significance.

Savannah Bee Logo The classic three bee, Savannah Bee logo.

Here it is: Three words and three honeybees—the visual product of a company’s creative evolution. Each word and each honeybee converge, as one, for a visual experience where we can find meaning and diversity in their ultimate unity.

Savannah Bee’s current logo evolved from Ted’s original watercolor of a beehive and a tree, all backlit against the sun. Within a year or two, it became simplified into the current logo that is more symbolic than literal.

He came to establish his business out of love for bees, not the love of money. While he was a religion major at Sewanee, The University of the South, he learned about the significance of the trinity as a symbol of symbiotic relationships that can be broadly defined. He sees the logo as a symbolic trinity of the sun, plants, and honeybees forming a cycle—a natural cycle of energy transmuted by plant and bee into honey.

Our logo represents the poetic dance of life where the three bees are dancing inside the circle of text. The rhythm of bees from hive to flower and flower to hive is a song that has been sung for more than a thousand millennia. The honeybee’s relationship with nature has proven to be mutually beneficial, as co-evolution has guaranteed the survival of both.  This beautiful and monumental act of nature transcends boundaries of possibility to teach humanity that any act of symbiosis, where everyone benefits, is the most successful path to take. In 2016, the same song is still being sung. We all must slow down and pay attention to the sound and beauty that can so easily evade our awareness.

Savannah Bee Body Care Logo Savannah Bee Health and Beauty Logo!

To close, I will leave you with a few final thoughts: We are agents of change, buzzing with individuality; connected by shared purpose. We are teachers, creators, contributors—lifelong learners with shared vision and passion born of one man’s relentless dream. The soul of Savannah Bee is contained in the harmonious buzzing of bees; the sweet glisten of honey in sunlight; the beehive-based Health & Beauty products that nourish you from the outside-in.

Our logo is the form through which the company’s soul works in concert with consciousness to communicate a meaning of value that exceeds the monetary, and instead, signifies passion and love as a co-creation. Its meaning ultimately shines a light on the poetic dance of life, inviting us all to listen with our hearts and dance with our passion.

We are the product of a journey taken together. We are Savannah Bee Company.


Submitted By: Julianna Rabeler