Our Favorite Gifts Under $25

Well, it's officially Holiday Season 2015! Are you wondering what to give this year? Or, maybe you have a couple of "impossible to shop for" individuals on your list this year. Each year at Savannah Bee we put together a bunch of really beautiful gifts and gift sets for our customers. Below you will find a selection or our very favorite gifts under $25 for the 2015 giving season. You're going to make someone really happy this year!

gifts under $25 Gift Set for Tea Lovers

Gift Set for Tea Lovers - This incredible and unique gift set was designed especially for all folks who love drinking tea of any type. Savannah Bee Tea Honey is a very delicate, light amber honey that will impart a subtle sweetness to all tea blends without compromising a tea's complex, natural flavors. We have added a 100% Basswood beehive honey dipper, perfect for dipping and stirring. To round off our Savannah Bee Gift Set for Tea Lovers, we have included two luscious 100% natural beeswax lip balms, Earl Grey and Sweet Tea. It's the perfect gift set for everyone who loves a bright, delicious cup of tea and the very best beeswax lip balm available!

gifts under 25 dollars Savannah Bee Flute Classic

Savannah Bee Flute Classic Honey Gift - This is our old standby, can't miss gift for anyone on your list. The Flute Classic has been a Savannah Bee best-selling holiday gift for well over a decade! Our elegant, tapered 20oz. flute bottle filled with Tupelo, Orange Blossom, Georgia Wildflower or Acacia honey is shipped in our signature Savannah Bee Company Flute Gift box. Sometimes pure and simple really is better. The Savannah Bee Flute Classic has been a stand-out gift at holiday parties for years. Bee unique in your giving.  A sweet and classy gift, perfect and presentable, for any occasion! This year give the gift of 100% pure Savannah Bee honey.

gifts under 25 Bee Bag Gift Sets

Bee Bag Body Care Gift Sets -These petite, body care gift sets are brand new this year. We love these gifts because they arrive packaged in these cool, certified organic, 100% cotton, washable, drawstring Savannah Bee sandwich bags.  These gift sets are not only economical, but they are also super easy and really unique. Each Bee Bag gift set features one of our signature scents, so there is a set for just about everyone on your list. Choose from Orange Blossom, Lemongrass Spearmint, or Wild Blackberry.

gifts under $25 Bee the Balm!

Bee the Balm Gift Set - This gift set is the balm! Our Bee the Balm Gift Set is also new this year and we are really thrilled about this one! This gift is going to make a lot of people really excited this year. If you know someone who loves lip balm, then this will be the best gift they receive this holiday season. The Bee the Balm gift set includes 7 incredible all natural beeswax lip balm flavors; Tupelo Honey, Earl Grey, Mint Julep, Key Lime, Peach, Sweet Tea, and Wild Blackberry. In addition, this gift set is packaged in a very attractive Savannah Bee zipper pouch. We have discovered that this zipper pouch is also the perfect size for a phone, drivers license, and a few credit cards. If you want to bee the balm, you have to give the balm!

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