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Sunflower Honey

Sunflower Honey

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Sweet as a summer day and finishing with a creamy note, our bright yellow Savannah Bee Co. Sunflower Honey delivers the delight of the world’s happiest flowers with every spoonful. We proudly source this golden treasure from the beekeepers of Ukraine and Romania, the world’s top producers of sunflower honey.   

Each giant sunflower head is actually made of up hundreds of smaller blooms, each with its own supply of nectar and pollen. 

Need more happy in your life? Follow the sun to our Sunflower Digital Catalog for a sweet origin story from the sunflower fields of Romania and Ukraine, videos, tasting notes and recipes. 

Flavor Profile

Taste: A complex profile that is gentle and sweet.
Aroma: Floral and butterscotch.
Texture: Dense with a slight willful grit.


Ukraine and Romania

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