Tupelo Reserve Grilled Salmon

I'm about to show you how to make the best Tupelo Grilled Salmon you've ever had.  I know you're thinking - "Honey.... on salmon? I want my salmon savory."  So do I, trust me.  Using honey doesn't make the it sweet, the honey seals in the juices and imparts a hint of buttery Tupelo flavor that's just delicious.

Bee Prepared

We're going to make this recipe on grilling planks.  You have to soak them for an hour. Then right before you're going to cook, slap them face down on grill for 10 minutes.  You want to heat that side, then flip them upright before putting the salmon on.

The Sauce is Everything

So the secret is in the sauce, right. Really, isn't that how it always works? You're going to make a glaze using olive oil, Dijon mustard and in our case Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve. It doesn't get any better than that. Were making this glaze by emulsifying olive oil honey and Dijon mustard in a warm dish.  Stir until the sauce begins to thicken.  Then you start adding other things. Add some lemons, because lemon is great on salmon. Peppers, herbs, you make it to taste-  however you like it.  This is for 5 pounds which is more than I normally make. It's probably a cup of olive oil, half a cup of mustard and half a cup of honey. Then we're good to go.

The Salmon

Score the salmon creating nice big fillets.  Add a little pepper and  sea salt. We cut some rosemary from our garden, and we're going to just fill these slices up with large pieces of rosemary. Why am I doing that? One, because I want some rosemary to kind-of perfume down.  We also want that honey glaze to soak all the way into the meat. We're going to turn the grill down to medium for 20 or so minutes; then we're going to check the temp. Once the inside of the salmon is 140- to 150 degrees, we're going to pull it off and call it good.

I hope you'll try this I think you'll love it. It'll be the best salmon you've ever made.

Recipe by Founder and President, Ted Dennard