​Honeycomb How-Tos

Honeycomb How-Tos

People ask us all the time, “What do you do with raw honeycomb?”

We admit, it can be a little intimidating. Can you eat the wax? What other food does it go with? What actually is it, anyway?

Honeycomb is a cluster of repeating hexagonal cells found inside the hive—they’re clever containers that the bees build to live in and fill with honey. Yes, honeycomb beeswax is perfectly safe to eat, promise. And we think it goes with everything!

Along with including it as a glorious centerpiece on a charcuterie platter, we have a whole host of other delicious ways to enjoy honeycomb:

Grown-up Cheese Toasts Pair it with salty Comté cheese and fresh tarty-sweet cherries for a lip-smacking snack that belongs nowhere near the kids’ table.

Honeycomb Baked Ham Slather that tasty spiral in tangy orange sauce and honeycomb garnish to make a glorious entrance with your holiday entrée.

Honeycomb Lemonade Add pieces to the ice cube tray with easy-to-make honey syrup for a bodacious beverage. To really feel the buzz, add a few splashes of Savannah Bee Co. mead.

Honeycomb Vanilla Bean Pots de Creme Elevate this uber-creamy custard dessert with honeycomb cubes and fresh edible flower

Prosciutto, Brie & Honeycomb Sando No time to arrange a charcuterie board? Slap the elements on a fresh baguette with some arugula, and boom—instant gratification.

Strawberry & Honeycomb Salad Bright, peppery, and nutty with hints of sweet citrus, this mixed green marvel makes a marvelous meal. 

Find these recipes and the answers to ALL your honeycomb questions at savannahbee.com/recipes

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