Acai Bowl with Bee Pollen, Fresh Fruit, and Honey

Bee pollen is often sought after by health-conscious individuals looking to enhance energy and promote well-being. It’s so easy to integrate into your daily diet – there’s no reason not to do it. Try this delicious Acai Bowl with bee pollen, fresh fruit, and honey and see what you think.

Ingredients (Makes 4-6 Servings)

1 32-ounce Fat Free Plain Yogurt

1 package Acai Berry Puree

½ cup of your favorite Savannah Bee Honey 

1 Kiwi Peeled and Sliced

1 Cup Blueberries

1 Cup Toasted Coconut

½ cup Toasted Almonds

½ Cup Bee Pollen

¼ Cup Flax Seeds


  1. In a bowl mix the yogurt, acai, and yogurt together until well blended
  2. In a Small bowl to serve add the acai yogurt mixture
  3. On top in single rows add the ingredients one at a time: kiwi and blueberries
  4. Top off with the crunchy ingredients, coconut, almonds, flax seeds, and the Bee Pollen
  5. Drizzle your favorite Savannah Bee Specialty Honey on top 
  6. Enjoy!