Raw Honeycomb

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Sep 23rd 2019

Absolutely worth the wait. I was excited to try this honey, and it's amazing -- beautiful color, very sweet. Definitely worth the money, and I will be buying again. Thank you, Savannah Bee Company.



Sep 6th 2019

This honeycomb is absolutely amazing!!! My husband and I tried it with big reservations and then devoured the whole thing within a day or two. It tastes so good. It is my favorite on a hot biscuit. I would sneak little spoonfuls of the honeycomb by itself as well. Loved it so much we bought 3 more! We will share 2 with family but the last one is for us! =-)


Beth Herochik

Jun 13th 2019

I first tried honey in the comb when on a trip through France. Have been craving it since. So glad I found Savannah Bee Company. Delicious!



Raw Honeycomb


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Honeycomb is so amazing! It is the most raw form of honey — the last living beings to touch the honey inside the comb were the bees who made it. It is beautiful to look at and delicious to eat.

The majority of comb in these squares is Acacia Honey, but there are some other sources present. (It's really hard to get the bees to visit just one nectar source!) This honeycomb's light color, mild taste, incredible clarity, and slow rate of crystallization make it very versatile. 

The most no-frills way to eat honeycomb is to simply carve out a spoonful and eat it. This way, you are sure to taste the honeycomb in all its unfettered glory. Try it on a warm buttermilk biscuit or English muffin. Drop some small chunks into your yogurt or favorite salad. Scoop it up with apple slices, pear slices or literally any cracker.

If you're feeling really fancy, whip up a honeycomb platter with an impressive assortment of cured meats, cheeses, crackers, fruits, and veggies. You'll for sure win the party.

“Can I eat the wax?” YES! Beeswax is very soft — not at all like, say, candle wax or surfboard wax. It has little to no flavor but is 100% edible. Not gonna lie, it's a little chewy, but it's not at all unpleasant.

Note: Our larger honeycomb has a minimum weight of 12.3oz, but can weigh up to 15oz.