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Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey

Orange Blossom Gold Reserve Honey

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We bestowed our “Gold” title on this premium harvest of our citrusy sweet from the Sunshine State, but it’s the bees that give it such a supreme taste. Carefully packaged in its own birchwood box, each elegant bottle arrives sealed in beeswax and signed by Savannah Bee Co. founder Ted Dennard. 

Bees perform a vital part of the citrus growing cycle by pollinating the sweet-smelling blossoms that appear before the fruit.  

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Bright, incredibly sweet, and finishes with subtle citrus notes


KSA Certified
Gluten Free
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Fade into a shot of a passing treeline while happy music plays in the background. We see a ripe orange hanging on a tree surrounded by white orange blossoms. Transition to Ted Dennard holding a frame of beehive and then a bottle of Savannah Bee Company Orange Blossom Honey. We see a shot of a road from a car.

[Ted] speaks. “Hey, we are in South Florida, which is where the best orange groves are.”

We see [Ted] walking through an orange grove and pointing at the oranges.

[Ted] continues. “And there's a lot of lakes and a lot of orange groves, and a lot of beehives.”

[Ted] speaks to the camera while driving. He says, “We're rolling on to an adventure. We really are. This is an adventure. I've never been down in these groves with Marc before.”

Cut to [Ted] walking with the other beekeepers, Marc McCoy and Marc McCoy Jr., then back to [Ted] talking in the car.

[Ted] says, “And so we're meeting an amazing beekeeper here who made our Gold Reserve Orange Blossom this year. We're going to go check out some bees and meet with him and just see what happens.”

We see [Ted] shaking hands with [Marc] and [Marc Jr.] [Ted] shows them a box with a bottle of Orange Blossom Honey, and they take it and look at it.

[Ted] says, “So this is what we're packing up. We took one barrel and we put it in like that. We made it fancy.

[Marc Jr.] says, “Oh, that's pretty, really nice.”

[Ted] continues. “So I thought we would like, give them out to some people or whatever.”

[Ted] holds the bottle of honey up to the light.

[Marc Jr.] says, “Yeah, look at that stuff. Yeah, that is really beautiful.”

[Ted] speaks while everyone laughs. “He didn't want to sell. He didn't want to sell us the honey, man. I said, come on, let me do it. I'll dress it up. So I gotta at least give you some.”

Transition to a close-up of [Marc] holding a frame of beehive.

[Marc] speaks. “So, you know, last year, everything just timed out perfect, and that’s how we got such a pretty, pretty honey.”

[Ted] and [Marc] point to some of the cells in the hive.