Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve

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Gary Fisher

Oct 21st 2021

Prior to my trying the Savannah Bee Gold Reserve Tupelo Honey, the regular Tupelo Honey from Savannah Bee was, without a doubt, the finest honey I had ever tasted. When I called to order a resupply, the very friendly and cordial sales rep told me about the Gold Reserve special variety of what is such a superb product. I admit I was somewhat incredulous as to how it could be THAT much better than what was already my all-time favorite. When the lovely package arrived, my immediate priority was to do a side by side taste test. One taste made me a believer. It is so good, and so much better than the regular variety, even the$120 price tag isn’t daunting to me. I am willing to pay a premium price for such a one of a kind superb product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going to sweeten my Cheerios with it, but when I want my tastebuds to do their “Happy Dance”, nothing is better.


Teresa Mellett

Aug 10th 2021

I have found heaven. I have tried many different kinds of honey and Tupelo Honey.. Without a doubt the Tupelo Honey Reserve is that best Tupelo Honey anywhere on this earth. I will be getting a bottle of Tupelo Honey reserve every year. You have the best Honey by far as I have tried all kinds of Honey in my life (60 years) and won't get oney anywhere else. The saying that you get what you paid for is so true. I get your regular Tupelo Honey all the time and now I will be getting the Tupelo Honey reserve for special occasions. LOVE YOUR HONEY.. Teresa Mellett.


Tim H

Dec 30th 2020

This was the best tasting tupelo I have ever had the pleasure of trying. The texture is smooth, velvety, and has a wonderful buttery finish. When I first saw this item for sale, it was difficult to justify such an expensive purchase. However, I have zero regrets and have even ordered more! Fair warning though... after trying the best, it's difficult to go back to anything else. I haven't found anything that even comes close to the quality of this.



Tupelo Honey Gold Reserve


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This bottle of exquisite liquid sunshine is the result of honeybees visiting over 2.5 million tupelo blossoms. For eight to ten days in spring, the White (Ogeechee) Tupelo tree’s delicate blooms bring an abundance of beauty and bees into the southeastern river basins that span between Savannah, Georgia, and the Gulf of Mexico.


In this short window of opportunity, a small number of hives will produce a Tupelo honey with the nearly impossible combination of perfect environmental elements and expert beekeeping. These are the hives where Tupelo honey perfection is harvested. These are the hives that deliver Savannah Bee Company's Gold Reserve Tupelo.

Savannah Bee Company's Gold Reserve Tupelo honey is so pure that you can truly taste the Tupelo blossom in every drop. It is rare and we are honored to share this limited-edition experience with you.

We present to you, this 2021 Tupelo Gold Reserve Honey by Savannah Bee. Only 175 cases were produced and there has never been a honey exactly like this one. This year’s honey is one of a kind and we hope you enjoy every drop.