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Lavender Honey

Lavender Honey

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There is a very special place along the border of Spain and Portugal where the breeze from the mountains dries the soil. A place where fields of lavender grow as far as the eye can see and the honeybees can fly. Bi-lingual beekeepers in this part of the world make fast work of lining the lavender fields with their bee boxes during the heady blooming season of May. The result is a wondrously rich honey with mildly sweet floral notes -a Southern European vacation in a bottle. 

Many beekeepers believe lavender to be the bees’ favorite flower for the  prolific amount of nectar it produces.

Mildly sweet and subtly complex. Aromatic and fruity with floral notes


KSA Certified
Gluten Free
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Upbeat music plays in the background. No dialogue.

A sequence of a woman walking through a lavender field in bright purple Converse. She has long brown hair and wears a white shirt. While she walks, she holds a purple hula hoop over her shoulder. Her back faces the camera. The sun shines and lights up her left arm.

The woman sits in the lavender field wearing purple heart glasses. She looks at the sprigs of lavender, which dance in the wind in front of her face.

A person in a purple hat holds up a beautiful bottle of Savannah Bee Company Lavender Honey and admires it. The sun shines through the glass and turns the honey golden.

A jar of Lavender Honey sits on a ledge in the sun. There is a lavender field in the background, and the purple flowers match the purple label on the jar.

Bees pollinate the dainty lavender flowers.

A sequence of the woman with purple Converse running and jumping through the lavender in slow motion. The grass crunches beneath her feet. She holds the hula hoop and jumps while her sun-kissed hair billows. She smiles and hula hoops, waist-high in the lavender field.

A bee flies and buzzes around a lavender flower, then lands on it.

The sun shines through a twelve ounce and a twenty ounce bottle of Lavender Honey, which are sitting on a ledge against a background of flowers. The sky is white, illuminated by the evening light.

The Savannah Bee Company logo appears on a tan background, and beneath it, the words “Save the bees” type out in a typewriter font. The faint chirps of birds are heard in the background.