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Wine Barrel Platters

Wine Barrel Platters

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These beautiful Savannah Bee Wine Barrel Honeycomb Platters are the perfect conversation starter for any celebration. They are made from reclaimed oak wine barrels from California that have been retired from their original purpose of aging fine wine. After the barrel is taken apart, the staves are glued together, sanded, treated with mineral oil, then sealed with bees wax. The wood retains its natural reddish stain from the wine that was aged in the barrel.

Each tray is unique as are the wine barrels that they are made from. Food safe. Use as a serving tray with fruit, cheese, or bread for your next get together, or as a seasonal display tray. Looks great as a table or coffee table centerpiece. Each platter will vary slightly because they are all hand-cut. Wine stain will also vary according to the variety of wine the barrel once contained.

Available in 3 Sizes 

Medium: 8" x 12" 

Large: 8 3/4" - 16"

Extra Large: 12" x 24" 

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