Why it's Amazing to Win a sofi Award

dsc_2788Sofi Awards are like the Grammy's of the Food Industry.  Specialty food brands compete for these acclamations like restaurants for Michelin Stars. These awards are major achievements recognizing excellence and innovation. 2017 is the first year honey is an official category and Savannah Bee is honored to claim the Silver sofi Award for our Sourwood Reserve.  Our Tupelo Flute Classic won the 2011 Gold sofi Award for Outstanding Classic before honey was even a category. We are so proud of our specialty honeys and the labor of love that goes into each drop, we are humbled and grateful for this recognition from the Specialty Food Association.

What is a sofi Award

sfa Recognizing Excellence and Innovation in Specialty Food since 1972

Sofi stands for Specialty Outstanding Food Innovation and represents the cream of the culinary crop in the Wholesale Trade IndustryRecognition from the SFA highlights creativity, integrity, and establishes credibility within the industry.  Read the complete list of winners here.

    "Sofi Award honorees are true innovators and game-changers in their categories. With exposure to thousands of food buyers from top names in supermarkets, specialty retailers, foodservice, distributors, and the press creating invaluable business opportunities and global recognition."


Fancy Food Show is a trade show where companies set up elaborate booths beautifully branded to highlight their delicious gifts to the industry.  The coveted sofi Awards are presented by the Specialty Food Association once a year and proudly displayed during the Summer Fancy Food Show at the Javitz Center in New York City.  The SFA “Recognizing Excellence and Innovation in Specialty Food since 1972” also hosts a Fancy Food Show in San Francisco for the west coast foodies.  There are registration requirements for admission - you can read about the shows at Specialtyfood.com.

How do you win a sofi Awardsofi-judging

Submissions are judged in a blind taste test by a panel of 50 judges - all experts in the field.  The secret samples are judged 70% on Taste (flavor, appearance, texture, aroma) and 30% on Integrity (additives, artificial ingredients, and creativity).  Read about the full judging process here.

Special thanks to everyone who made this happen - especially the bees!


Submitted by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle