Holiday Honeycomb Cheese Board

This Holiday Honeycomb Cheese Board is fun and festive but most of all, it's delicious.  For a Christmas theme, we're sourcing the most divine red and green accouterment to build a charcuterie, cheese board featuring our Raw Acacia Honeycomb.  Save some for Santa - you'll bee the favorite stop on his sleigh ride.

All the Cheese


Start with your favorite cheese.  Right now Whole Foods has a green Sage Cheddar and a Cranberry Crusted Goat Cheese - perfect for this Christmas aesthetic. We are also loving the soft and sweet Isigny Sainte-Mère Bon Homme Holiday Brie. Ted's favorite Blue is the St. Agur Cheese - it's rich, savory with a little tang to balance out our rich sweet Acacia Honeycomb.

Lay the cheeses out first, along with the honeycomb, to find a nice balanced layout on your board. Cut into cheeses for guests see suggestions to portion.

Deliciously Red and Green











For a holiday essence with emerald green hues, we add a fresh sprig of rosemary and sprinkle with ruby colored pomegranate seeds.  In addition to the green Sage Cheddar and Cranberry Goat Cheese, we pair olives with cranberries, layer red and green apples, as well as raspberries, pistachios, and sage leaves.  The platter is as beautiful as it tastes.

The Arrangement

Brie and Honeycomb

Start filling in space on your Holiday Honeycomb Platter with charcuterie, nuts, rosemary crackers, and slices of crusty bread.  Place things that go well together near each other so guests have a place to start. Layering is key for pairing suggestions and will add visually interesting combinations to your board. Use ramekins and small dishes (like reusing 3oz Savannah Bee Honey jars) to separate and keep the platter organized.


Bee Merry! Bee Joyful! Bee sure to share your platters with us on Facebook and Instagram!




Holiday Honeycomb Platter