Start Glowing with our Dry Facial Mask

Savannah Bee FacemaskThis revolutionary White Hibiscus and Royal Jelly Dry Facial Mask delivers active ingredients through a moisturizing, balmy infused cotton cloth.  Imprinted on the sheet mask in a honeycomb pattern, this balm delivers superior hydration without the gooey mess of liquids or gels.  The Youthful Formula dry face mask provides anti-wrinkle, plumping, and firming benefits for all skin types.

Our easy, new dry face mask is permeated with royal jelly, honey, luxurious butters, and essential oils, and completely free of chemical dyes, treatments, and added fragrances.  Apply White Hibiscus and Royal Jelly Dry Facial Mask for 15 min, and love your dewy skin all day.  After removing the mask, our brightening balm continues to soak in for up to 6 to 8 hours.

Food for your skin

White Hibiscus: Known as the “Botox Plant,” it has the ability to inhibit the enzyme “elastase” which breaks down skin’s elastin; natural source of amino acids and antioxidants

Baobab Fruit: Packed with rich antioxidant compounds like polyphenols, plus Vitamins B, C and E

Mango Seed Butter: Cold-pressed from mango seeds, rich in vitamin C which helps encourage a more plump and firmer appearance on skin

Honey:  A well-known skin softener and humectant that helps skin cells retain their water keeping the skin hydrated

Royal Jelly:  Packed full of amino acids and antioxidants

Easy peasy

  • Unfold sheet mask, and press the honeycomb printed side against clean, dry face

  • Loop the slits over your ears so the mask rests comfortably

  • Gently massage to activate treatment and leave on for 15 minutes

  • Remove and fold with imprinted pattern on the inside, place back in pouch (to keep from drying out)

  • Do not rinse, as serum will fully absorb into skin

  • Reseal for up to 3-4 additional uses


Find additional information on our website here: White Hibiscus and Royal Jelly Dry Facial Mask