Honey Caramel Bacon Fudge

Caramel. Bacon. Fudge. This rich, salty, sweet fudge is the stuff dreams are made of.   If the way to someone's heart is through their stomach, just start planning the wedding now because one side effect of Honey Caramel Bacon Fudge is True Love.honey caramel bacon fudge

Honey Caramel Bacon Fudge breakdown

Start with a thin bacon that will get really crispy when you bake it.  The thicker bacon tends to get chewy, which leaves a less than desirable consistency for fudge.  If you bake your bacon in the oven it will stay flat and cook evenly.

The caramel in this recipe is *relatively* healthy with equal parts honey and coconut milk.  The original caramel recipe adds sea salt, but the bacon is salty so you don't need the extra.

We are using Ghirardelli Chocolate because it's delicious, quality chocolate that's easily accessible and reasonably priced.  This recipe is already so sweet we are skipping the milk chocolate and using Semi-Sweet and Dark Chocolate chips. They're perfect in Eagle Brand's Fool Proof Fudge recipe - slightly modified.


7 thin slices of bacon
(for the fudge)
1 can of Eagle Brand Sweetened Condensed Milk
3 c of chocolate chips
1 1/2 tsp chocolate chips
(for the caramel)
14oz Coconut milk – full fat
14oz Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve
1/4c Butter


Preheat oven to 350
Bake bacon on lined baking sheet until crisp
Spoon Honey Caramel on the bacon and let it cool
Over med-low heat, combine condensed milk, chocolate chips, and vanilla
Stir until melted
Pour half of the chocolate mixture into a greased, lined 8x8 pyrex dish
Layer in the caramel bacon
Add the rest of the fudge on top
Let cool for at least two hours