Meet the Backyard Beekeepers of SBC

This Saturday is National Honeybee Day and we're excited to celebrate with our Backyard Beekeepers.  As a Savannah Bee employee, it's hard not to fall in love with the sweet little pollinators we work for every day. Even part of the interview process is in the beehives!  Ted takes each interviewee to open a hive, taste fresh honey, and hold a handful of bees.   His goal is to ensure that we all care deeply about the honeybees and want to protect this noble little species.  It works too.  Honeybees aren't just a job for us, they're a way of life. We all want to take our work home with us!

We have so many awesome backyard beekeepers at Savannah Bee we couldn't fit them all into one video. Laurie and Stephanie from our Broughton Stree store are showing off their hives today.  You can tell from watching these girls that Ted's passion for beekeeping is contagious.  We've all caught the bug!

Video Blog by Queen Bee Kate Dowdle