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Royal Jelly for the Queen In You

Royal jelly. Sounds fancy doesn’t it? Sounds like something indulgent only those of certain importance would be allowed to enjoy. That’s somewhat true, in the context of honeybees. This special substance is called royal jelly because it is what…
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We're aiming to Bee Transparent

For all of you who rejoiced at the recent return of our Honey Hand Soaps, prepare yourselves. Our lotions have also returned, and our body washes are soon to follow! You may have noticed we made a few changes to these products, and we’d like to walk…
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Spicy Bourbon & Tupelo Honey Mango Chutney Burgers

This is the Ultimate Spicy Bourbon Mango Chutney Burger recipe. Sweet heat, creamy goat's cheese, salty bacon, and fresh basil come together to make the the perfect summer burger.  For the Mango Chutney Makes: 2 cups Prep time: 25 mi…
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