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Queen's Caffeine

Queen's Caffeine

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A special gift for Queens of Caffeine and Captains of Cappuccino on your list. Our Queen’s Caffeine Gift Set has everything needed for a perfectly sweet buzz break. All are safely packed inside our collectable Savannah Bee Company Bee Box Gift Box. This extraordinary and reusable gift box is finished with a satin “save the bees” printed ribbon and gift message from you.

1 (12 oz) bag of our famous Roasted Honey Coffee (ground) 
1 (12oz) jar of Honey for Coffee (the perfect natural sweetener) 
1 large honey dipper (because it’s fun to watch honey swirl from a dipper) 
1 Save the Bees ceramic diner mug (because it’s cool and so are you)

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Upbeat music playing in the background.

Closeup of coffee beans with steam coming through.

Onscreen text reading ‘The Queens Caffeine.’

Coffee beans cascading on a mound of coffee beans.

Savannah Bee Company 'Honey for Coffee’ falling and landing on a pile of coffee beans.

Coffee filling a white diner mug.

Close up of rotating shot of Savannah Bee company coffee bag.

Cascading shot for coffee beans sliding down the frame.

Close up shot of Savannah Bee Company ‘Honey for Coffee’ with steam coming from behind it.

Close up shot of coffee being poured from a pitcher.

Close up shot of coffee being poured into a mug. 

Honey dipper drizzling honey into a coffee mug with a jar of honey behind it. 

Honey being stirredinto a mug.

Savannah Bee Company’s ‘Honey for Coffee’ being placed next to a bag of honey roasted coffee, a diner mug, and a honey dipper.