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Hot Honey Squeeze Bottle

Hot Honey Squeeze Bottle

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It’s our same Hot Honey made with scotch bonnet and habanero peppers, but no hot mess! The new easy-squeezy, 100% recyclable, BPA-free plastic bottle lets you control the heat, whether you want to hit your plate with a gentle drizzle or a generous dollop. 2022 FLAVOR OF GEORGIA WINNER

No flower is off limits to our bee pollinator friends—they even gather pollen from the hottest pepper plants! 

USA and Mexico

Gluten Free
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Upbeat music plays in the background.

Ted Dennard holds a bottle of Hot Honey in the kitchen.

We hear [Ted]. “Hot Honey — what's it not good on? Tell me what it's not good on. Try it on everything.”

[Ted] laughs and continues. “What’s it not good on?”

We see [Ted] pick up a bottle of Hot Honey off the counter next to a margarita. A cartoon bee flies across the screen and buzzes. Transition to a red screen with the bee — decked out in devil horns, a trident, and wings of fire — buzzing in the middle.

[Ted] continues to speak. “I’ve literally tried it on shrimp, spaghetti, ice cream, chicken, pizza.”

[Ted] jiggles the Hot Honey and speaks. “I love this little easy squeezy too.”

Text pops up on the screen that reads “*EZ SQUEEZY (TECHNICAL TERM)”

Transition to Hot Honey drizzling on a pizza topped with tomatoes, peppers, and pepperoni.

[Ted] says, “On pizza it’s great.”

Transition to Hot Honey drizzling over a plate of chicken and waffles.

[Ted] continues. “We love our fried chicken down here. Dang sure do.”

[Ted] takes a bite of chicken.

[Ted]: “It’s good on everything.”

[Ted] holds up a margarita and says, “Well, margaritas are good too.”

[Ted] takes a sip of the margarita as the cartoon bee flies across the screen. Red text pops up that reads “SPICY MARGARITA (MADE WITH A HOT HONEY SYRUP)”

[Ted] says, “It's early, but this is Savannah.”

Images of Savannah’s Saint Patrick’s Day festivities pop up on screen, including people wearing green, drinking beer, and watching the parade.

Transition to [Ted] holding the Hot Honey bottle and his margarita.

[Ted]: “Savannah Bee Hot Honey. What's it not good on, right?”