Strong & Minty Propolis Spray

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Apr 18th 2020

I use this to make a concoction with honey, lemon and ginger I keep that in the fridge and give to my family twice a day and I’ve not seen and single sore throat around here in a long time.



Nov 15th 2019

Pure punishment, but it's the only thing that works! It's not pleasant, but IT WORKS. It has saved me so many times - I get a sore throat a dozen times a year and this is my go-to remedy that saves me from untold doctor's visits and throat cultures. I gave my bottle to my daughter a few weeks ago and it got her through midterms. Had to order a new one for myself. Couldn't get here fast enough - saved me from the worst sore throat I've had in years. KNOW THIS - Not all propolis throat sprays are created equal - I bought one on Amazon that tasted like honey and mint which was lovely, but unfortunately it was useless in helping with the pain in my throat. Ditto for the $20 bottle of uselessness I bought at Whole Foods. You have to get THIS EXACT ONE from Savannah Bee. My parents used to force Chloraseptic throat spray on us as kids, so much so that we'd be dying of a sore throat and we'd deny it for days just to avoid the dreaded green spray. This stuff is equally unpleasant, but it does more than numb the sore throat, it actually heals it. So put on your big girl/boy pants already and order this stuff. The momentary unpleasantness disappears in a blink, but the results are long lasting. And even if it were 20 times more unpleasant, nothing is as bad as a sore throat for days on end.



Aug 30th 2019

It is helpful to follow the Strong and Minty Propolis with the Sweet and Minty Propolis. This product has been returned to the bee store! Yeah Rah!!!



Strong & Minty Propolis Spray


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Savannah Bee Company's Strong and Minty Propolis Throat Spray is rich in vitamins and antioxidants. Our proprietary ingredient blend promotes oral health, has been shown to reduce the duration of cold sores, and includes active ingredients such as Echinacea and Pelargonium Root to strengthen the body's immune system and support respiratory health.


Echinacea, Pelargonium Root, Grain Alcohol, Spearmint Oil


Spray two times directly in the mouth near the back of the tongue, then swallow. Use up to twice daily to boost immunity.