Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve

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Rob & Donna

Dec 26th 2017

Both Donna and I have never tasted such a thing as the Sourwood Gold Reserve honey. You have to taste it to believe it! We never knew honey in a reserve Limited edition could taste so different from regular honey. It is truly amazing! Note: not intended to add in teas and pancakes! Truly!


Nelson & Carol

Feb 12th 2016

Sourwood honey is our absolute favorite and oh so hard to find! When we received the Gold Reserve, the way it is packaged is just amazing and so beautiful. We really don't want to open the bottle but temptation will get the best of us very soon. Don't wait! Get this while you still can!



Jan 19th 2016

I have been lucky enough to sample this Sourwood Reserve in the St. Simons store- it is out of this world fantastic! If you like Sourwood, this is a special find- pure delectable Sourwood in all it's glory!



Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve


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We have depleted our 2017 supply of Sourwood Honey Gold Reserve, and the 2018 crop did not turn out to be worthy of being called Gold Reserve. The weather in that region of the United States just plain didn’t cooperate. The good news is there will be a Sourwood crop this year, we're just not sure whether any of it will be up to Reserve standards. Keep your fingers crossed. Enter your email above and click "Notify Me" so we can let you know immediately when it's back in stock. 

Sourwood Honey comes from the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia where sourwood trees are most abundant. Each frame was carefully hand-selected by the beekeeper, producing only 1,000 bottles.

Its unique flavor is universally appealing, and arguably the best in the world. The name Sourwood Honey certainly contradicts the irresistible flavors, ranging from maple spice to caramel, to gingerbread. Every jar is signed and numbered by our founder, Ted, then hand-dipped in beeswax three times to seal the cork.

Savannah Bee’s Sourwood Gold Reserve won a sofi Silver Award for excellence in Honey at the Specialty Food Association’s Fancy Food Show. This honey makes an impressive gift, but you will definitely want to taste this limited-release honey for yourself!