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  • Savannah Bee International Honey Gift Set

Savannah Bee International Honey Gift Set

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    This jewel-toned trio is truly a gem. 12oz jars of Lavender Honey, Rosemary Honey, and Acacia Honey hail from Spain and Hungary, and bring distinct levels of sweetness to your table. Our International Honey Gift Set makes a perfect gift for the foodie in your life. The culinary possibilities are endless! Acacia Honey’s light butter and vanilla smoothness and pale color make it ideal as a sweetener for mild teas or as a sugar substitute for baking. Lavender Honey is perfect for adding a floral element to yogurt, fresh fruit, or baked goods. Rosemary Honey is magnificent as an herbaceous and robust addition to marinades for veggies and meat alike. The distinctive mineral tones will enhance every savory dish

    There’s something for every dish in this 100% gluten free and Kosher certified gift set—what will you make first?



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  • Region

    Southern Spain (Lavender Honey), Northern Spain (Rosemary Honey), Hungary (Acacia)
  • Tasting Notes

    Lavender Honey - This honey has a nice floral aroma and a lovely thick, smooth texture. Lavender honey hits the pallet with an overt sweetness typical of high fructose honey varieties but that's just the beginning, after a few seconds booming fruity notes begin to blossom across your taste buds. 

    Rosemary Honey - Our Rosemary honey is produced in the dry, rugged hills of Northern Spain. The mineral qualities of the soil definitely come across in this wonderfully complex honey. These mineral notes are accompanied by a fabulous herbal symphony that dances in your mouth upon first taste. Savannah Bee Rosemary honey leaves you wanting another taste because it is impossible to decipher the flavor complexity with just one sample!

    Acacia Honey - Acacia trees also known as Black Locust are plentiful across all of Eastern Europe from Northern Italy all the way to the Ukraine. Acacia honey is a staple in this region. Although common across Eastern Europe, Acacia honey is highly sought after in the United States. Acacia honey is known for its beautiful light golden color and its incredible clarity.  Because of its color, Acacia honey is sometimes referred to as Moon Honey. 

  • Did You Know?

    • Savannah Bee only imports three honey varieties - Acacia honey, Lavender honey, and Rosemary honey. 
    • All Savannah Bee honey varieties are clinically tested for pollen and purity.
    • All Savannah Bee honey varieties are bottled in Savannah, Georgia.
    • Our Rosemary and Lavender honey varieties are imported from Spain. Both are produced in remote natural environments and are the product of wild Rosemary and Lavender species.
    • It is our mission to source and sell the finest honey varieties available in the world.

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