Beeswax Heel Balm

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Cynthia Long

Jul 15th 2021

This heel balm is bee best! My sister in law gave me some and I could not believe the difference in just a few applications. So I ordered another two more, another for me and one for a friend. And now she loves it! Thank you so much! P.S. I use it on my elbows too!



Apr 1st 2021

After my third day of using this on the driest, most awful skin ever, I feel like I have a brand new set of feet!


Marilyn Cathcart

Mar 12th 2021

What an amazing product! As a resident of Minnesota, my heels suffer through brutal conditions. From the first application, my ravaged heels were soothed and smoothed. The applicator is great, too, as it allows this fabulous product to be applied without mess. I recommend this highly!



Beeswax Heel Balm


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  • Penetrates even the toughest skin
  • Perfect for dry, cracked heels
  • Refreshing tangerine-spearmint scent
  • Contains three hive ingredients: Honey, Beeswax, and Propolis

Put your best foot forward. It can mean to embark on a journey or start a task with purpose and gusto. It also can mean to present yourself in the most positive way possible. For us, putting your best foot forward means using our Beeswax Heel Balm. (Preferably on both feet.)

Beeswax Heel Balm is the perfect moisturizer for any areas with dry, cracked skin. Our emollient formula penetrates even the roughest skin to instantly offer softening relief.

Sunflower, coconut, and castor oils permeate rough skin for deep moisturizing, while beeswax, shea butter, and cocoa butter condition and protect. Propolis is high in vitamins A, B1, B2, B3, as well as rich in amino acids and antioxidants. It is effective is helping to protect against bacteria, and bacteria is what makes our feet smell. Tangerine oil and honey gently exfoliate and smooth skin, while spearmint oil helps relax muscles in tired feet.

The wide-mouth applicator is designed and tested for easy, mess-free use. For an intensive pampering treatment, keep a Beeswax Heel Balm on your night stand and apply before bed. Let it work its magic overnight, wake up the next morning, and put your best feet forward!