Royal Jelly Body Butter® Original Formula

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Nov 10th 2019

I love the scent, but it's the gentleness of this product on my sensitive skin that really makes it my favorite. It's incredibly creamy and feels great ,and the moisture keeps my skin from drying and flaking. It lasts for 24 hours. Love it.


Pamela Thombs

Jul 9th 2019

This is my new go to body butter. It is awesome! I love it!


Carolyn Daugherty

Jun 11th 2019

I do like this product. It's rich, smells good, and absorbs into skin pretty quickly. However, I can't say that my skin is any different since I've been using it. Also, when reading the ingredients list, i noticed that royal jelly was way down on the list. So while there is a small amount of royal jelly in the "body butter," it's not the main ingredient. Disappointed!!



Royal Jelly Body Butter® Original Formula


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Our ultra-rich and luxurious Original Formula Royal Jelly Body Butter® glides on with the sweet fragrance of wild blackberries and velvety vanilla with hints of rose and gardenia. We combine royal jelly and other hive treasures as well as skin-quenching butters and essential oils to make this Savannah Bee Company cornerstone product. Rose Clay offers the rose-colored hue and gently removes impurities from the skin. Royal Jelly Body Butter® provides deep moisturizing and delivers multivitamins and antioxidants to keep your skin the way it was born to bee. Available in 6.7oz and 1.65oz jars.