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Pure Beeswax Apothecary Glass Candle

Pure Beeswax Apothecary Glass Candle

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Did you know that Beeswax is the most efficient and environmentally responsible choice for candles? Big Dipper only uses naturally filtered beeswax, a renewable resource that is the least processed and purest of all candle waxes. Beeswax candles are all naturally aromatic, emitting air-purifying negative ions. All wicks are made from 100% cotton and contain no lead or metal.

This 3.2 ounce Apothecary Glass is a simple, utilitarian candle in a reusable glass jar. Each candle is made with 100% pure beeswax and will burn for 25 hours! 

Enjoy the natural, sweet, honey fragrance infused straight from the hive into the wax!

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