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Book of Honey

Book of Honey

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Here’s the story: Six 3-oz. jars of our most popular honeys—Tupelo, Lavender, Saw Palmetto, Wildflower, Acacia, and Orange Blossom—come together as a nifty sampler packaged in a beautiful binding. It’s such a “novel” idea that it was selected as one of Oprah’s Favorite Things in 2021! 

*Varieties may change depending on the season

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Paper floating down in a black void.

Slowly approaching a Savanah Bee Company’s ‘Book of Honey’ on a pedestal in the black void.

Sequence of close-up honey jar shots, close up of a honey spatula spooning honey out of a honey jar,
opening the book of honey to reveal 6 small honey jars.

A sheet of paper slowly floating down in a black void.

It lands on the book of honey, covering the jars, then floats off revealing video of lavender fields, and tupelo trees.

Sequence of spatula spooning honey out of a honey jar, pouring honey out of a jar,  drizzling
honey into a honey jar.

Close up of the ‘Book of Honey’ Spinning to reveal the cover text.

Full shot of ‘Book of Honey’ next to a stack of honey jars. 

Onscreen text says, “Our Best Selling Holiday Gift.”