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Biscuits and Honey Gift Set

Biscuits and Honey Gift Set

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Its hard to beat a flaky biscuit and honey for breakfast or anytime of the day, especially when they are piping hot and right out of the oven.

Honeycomb-topped biscuits are so delicious. We love these biscuits and they are over-the top delicious when eaten with Savannah Bee honeycomb. Trust us, it will be hard to eat just one.

Pure Raw Honeycomb: Honeycomb is so amazing! The majority of comb in these squares is Acacia Honey. This honeycombs light color, mild taste, incredible clarity and slow rate of crystallization make it very versatile. 

Callies Buttermilk Biscuit Mix: This mix makes it so simple. For the do-it-yourself-er, a dry biscuit mix so that you, too, can master the art of biscuit making with this time-tested buttermilk biscuit recipe. Simply incorporate butter, cream cheese and buttermilk with one bag of Callies Buttermilk Biscuit Mix to make one dozen tender, buttery biscuits. Add a piece of honeycomb onto the top or inside of your biscuit. You'll be ready to dive in and enjoy.

Honeycomb Knife: This sweet gift comes with a beautiful Cherrywood honeycomb knife. Its the perfect utensil to cut into your honeycomb and top your biscuit.   

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Happy, upbeat music plays in the background. No dialogue.

A box of Savannah Bee Company Raw Honeycomb stands upright against a white background as the camera pans around it. The honeycomb is waxy with small hexagonal cells.

A closeup of the honeycomb outside of its packaging. The comb drips with delicious, golden honey.

A wooden spatula cuts through the honeycomb and honey oozes out around it.

The spatula lifts a piece of separated honeycomb away from the rest. The honey is sticky and gooey.

Against a white background, the box of Raw Honeycomb spins to display its blue label. On the label, which is glued along the side, text reads, “Kosher, 100% Edible Raw Honeycomb” with the Savannah Bee Company logo in the middle.

A closeup of honey dripping and cascading down the unpackaged honeycomb.

The spatula digs into the honeycomb again, pulling out another piece. The waxy cells are filled with beautiful honey.

The Savannah Bee Company logo appears, the raw honeycomb in the background. Beneath the logo, the words “Save the bees” type out in typewriter font.