Orange Blossom Honey Hand Soap

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Oct 27th 2019

A very disappointed customer, especially since I waited so long for this hand soap. It used to be so thick and the fragrance would last. I'm searching for a new hand soap because I will never buy it again.



Apr 16th 2019

Back in the day when my mother-in-law introduced me to this soap it was a nice, fresh honey-scented soap with a hint of orange, and the consistency was like that of honey. I just purchased three bottles excited to try this again as it has been so long since I last had it, and this new formula is like washing your hands with thin liquid Sunkist. Very disappointing. I might as well go to Bed Bath and Beyond and get cheaper, better-quality soap.



Apr 5th 2019

I absolutely love this hand soap. The smell is amazing and it leaves my hands soft. I had to wait a while until it was back in stock, so I bought 6 bottles when it was available. I have a handful of favorite products that I remain loyal to and this is one of those products.



Orange Blossom Honey Hand Soap


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The tangy-sweet and fruity fragrance of our Orange Blossom Honey Hand Soap leaves you feeling awake and uplifted — and maybe even craving a fresh, juicy orange. It smells that good! Have you ever been minding your own beeswax when all of the sudden it hits you … "Someone nearby is peeling an orange!" You close your eyes and inhale deeply. Ahhhh. That’s what washing your hands with this soap is like.

Our Honey Hand Soaps are made with skin-softening pure honey. Honey is a gentle but highly effective cleanser and moisturizer, as well as an intense softening agent. We only use plant-based surfactants, a non-toxic, environmentally friendly way to give our fave cleansers that lather we all love.

The bottle says hand soap, but it's gentle enough for your entire body -- including your face! This product contains no petroleum products, no parabens and is never tested on animals. Available in 9.5oz pump bottle. Try all three fragrances. We bet you'll have trouble picking a favorite.