Honey & Beeswax Body Balm

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Jan 2nd 2021

My daughter has Rosacea. This is the first thing she’s ever been able to use on her face without burning or causing a flare up.


Miranda Wilkes

Sep 14th 2020

This balm is amazing. Use it for scratches, rough patches, everything. We use it almost every day on someone. My littlest gets dry cheeks and chin from drool and it helps protect and heal. I just love the way it smells and feels. It also last a long time!



Jun 19th 2020

I tried the small size and went right back for the large size. It's great for dried up cuticles and any other dry spots on your skin. I rub it on my wrists before turning out the light at night - its aroma is so calming - it makes me serenely sleepy.



Honey & Beeswax Body Balm


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  • Provides aromatherapy benefits
  • Extra-moisturizing emollient formula
  • Mess-free application perfect for targeting dry patches
  • Unique herbaceous fragrance suitable for everyone

Calm your mind while soothing your skin with our top-selling Honey & Beeswax Body Balm. Rosemary and lavender oils give this emollient formula a unique, pleasantly herbaceous fragrance you'll love. Rosemary helps to tone skin and eliminate dryness while providing a boost of mental energy. Calming lavender works as a natural antiseptic and anti-fungal while helping to improve skin tone.

Beeswax, honey, cocoa butter and coconut oil soften and supply your skin with much-needed nutrients. Propolis helps protect against bacteria and fight blemishes, while royal jelly deeply moisturizes and works to improve skin elasticity. Together, these ingredients protect your skin from dehydration and inflammation for a healthy microbiome.

The easy mess-free applicator is great for targeting dry patches on elbows, heels, and knees. Apply anywhere you need to quickly quench dry skin. When used on pulse points such as temples, neck, and wrists, you'll experience the aromatherapy benefits of this amazing product.

Available in 0.6oz and 2.0oz easy applicator stick.