Fuzzy Bee

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Fuzzy Bee


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It's always a great day when you can play with a honeybee. When you do, you recognize just how special honeybees are. They make honey, which is the only food that has all the substances necessary to sustain life (it's true!) They pollinate fruits and flowers, giving us humans so many nutritional and delicious foods to eat. They live in harmony in a hive with different races and achieve un-BEE-lievable success.


Kids of all ages will enjoy this precious stuffed honeybee plush. It makes an ideal gift for anyone who loves honeybees. It's awesome when used in a classroom setting to teach kids all about honeybees. And BEE-cause its so dang cute, it's fitting as a decoration piece in a baby nursery or child's bedroom.


This adorable honeybee is made from high quality soft plush & filled with premium cotton. It is extremely comfortable to touch and perfect for hugging, measuring approximately 8.7 inches from its head to its bottom. Machine washable and machine dry on delicate cycle.