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Black Sage Honey

Black Sage Honey
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    Black Sage Honey is very unique and rare.

    Salvia mellifera is a perennial shrub that grows in Southern California. To produce enough blossoms for honeybees to make a crop of Black Sage Honey, this desert plant must get just the right amount of rain at just the right time of year. Many years can pass before black sage plants experience this delicate balance of rainfall and aridness, which is one reason why Black Sage Honey is so special.

    Black Sage Honey is slightly earthy and can be described as savory with notes of pepper. It also can contain notes of apple, berry, and vanilla. The subtle flavor and high level of fructose sugars make Black Sage Honey ideal for tea and coffee. It also pairs well with wine and cheese.

    We are so excited to have Black Sage Honey back in stock! This rare and exceptional treat is worth the wait!

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Best Honey Ever!

I bought a small (3 oz) jar of Savannah Bee Black Sage Honey quite a few years back, and when I discovered how good it was, I tried getting more. But it was completely sold out by then. I've been waiting patiently...for several years...but it's finally back. I bought enough to last me until the next time it's available! Thank you Savannah Bee!

5 out of 5 Stars

Stephanie (@JeTaimeLesMis)

My FAVORITE Savannah Bee honey

I was never into honey until my first visit to the downtown Savannah Bee store about 8 years ago. The Black Sage is by far my favorite honey. The flavor is so unique and just wicked awesome! My second favorite is the Acacia honey.

5 out of 5 Stars



I was excited to try another new honey from Savannah Bee Co. The name "black sage" wasn't the most appealing but I was intrigued. It was just as amazing as all the other artisanal honeys they sell! Initially I only purchased one 12oz jar in case I didn't care for it, reordering a few more now to keep on hand that'll last me another decade ;) I've got so much Savannah honey in my home I'll have to leave it in my will to devide amongst my children, lol! Thx!

5 out of 5 Stars

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