Black Sage Honey

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Mar 16th 2020

This is absolutely my favorite honey. The sage gives it a complexity beyond pure sweetness. It’s an amazing complement to a cheese plate.



Jan 8th 2020

I bought a small bottle of this honey and liked it. So I wanted to buy the 80 oz bottle even though it was far overpriced. But when I went to check out, there was another charge of $8.82 for shipping. Now it became ridiculously overpriced, so I aborted the checkout process. Most on line orders provide free shipping for orders over 35 dollars.


David Perry

Aug 15th 2019

I have been buying honey from Savannah Bee Co for about 20 years now. I have tried many of the different flavors over the years but as of recent I have landed on Black Sage! I use it everyday in my coffee as a sweetner, recommended by my GI Doctor. I buy the 80 oz bottle about every other month and will do so as long as it is available! Love my BEE Company!



Black Sage Honey


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The taste of Black Sage Honey is so unique it's often polarizing -- you either love it or hate it. But this year's crop is so good, we are certain we can turn all the haters into lovers of this honey.

Mild and delicious, Black Sage Honey provides a subtle herbaceous flavor ideal for savory recipes or herbal teas. This year's crop is extraordinarily light in color and delicate in flavor. Ted says this year is the best since 2011! "I am so excited to have this honey on the shelves and offer it to everyone. This years taste is extraordinary and everyone will find this fruity, softly sweet taste with earthy notes a favorite for their honey pantheon."

This rare and exceptional honey is usually harvested only four seasons per decade. It's a real treat, and we are happy when any at all is made, let alone enough to get us through to the next harvest.

Bees make the honey by collecting nectar from Salvia mellifera, a wild desert plant that grows in the lower Sierra Nevada mountain region. To produce enough blossoms for honeybees to make a crop of Black Sage Honey, this desert plant must get just the right amount of rain at just the right time of year. Many years can pass before black sage plants experience this delicate balance of rainfall and aridness, which is one reason why Black Sage Honey is so special.