Original Spearmint Beeswax Salve

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Florida Elf

Nov 22nd 2021

I rub this into my fingernails every evening and my nails have never been this strong and healthy. Very light scent.



Feb 6th 2021

I never used to pay attention to my cuticles until I realized how dry they were on both my fingers and my toes. I started using this salve some time ago, rubbing it all over my cuticles on my toes after getting out of the shower to keep my skin moisturized. The skin around my toe nails still look like I had just had a pedicure thanks to this salve. I wear flip flops almost all year round so the salve helps keep my toes look good. I rub this stuff on my finger nails before bed to keep my cuticles moisturized. Love this stuff!



May 7th 2020

We had a baby and have been washing our hands constantly (doubly so with the covid-19 precautions) so our skin is chapped, dry, and cracking. This is the only thing that has helped our skin heal and stay that way. It worked fast and smells wonderful!



Original Spearmint Beeswax Salve


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  • Certified USDA Organic
  • Used to be called just Beeswax Salve and came in a red tin
  • Concentrated treatment intensely hydrates and nourishes damaged skin
  • Perfect for individuals with hard-workin' hands

The elements, repeated washing and drying, harsh detergents or a hard day's work can leave hands rough, dry, chapped or cracked. Ask any beekeeper! Nobody understands the meaning of hard work better than the honeybee, which may explain why they produce to so many natural ingredients for rescuing hands in distress. Our Original Spearmint Beeswax Salve nourishes dry, distressed skin with a blend of pure beeswax, vitamin E, and olive oil. A little goes a long way. Our certified organic salve penetrates quickly to moisturize and condition. Available in 2oz and 0.75oz tins.