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Roasted Honey Coffee

Roasted Honey Coffee

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Enjoy an eye-opening cup of coffee that has been gently roasted and coated in pure golden Savannah Bee Company honey. What a perfect combination! Our honey imparts a subtle, sweet mellowness to this rich, full-bodied coffee. It's a flavor duo you will wake up for even on the weekend!

These arabica coffee beans are roasted in beautiful Charleston, SC, at the Charleston Coffee Exchange. This roast is a hive favorite, served daily in our own kitchen and in Savannah Bee retail stores.

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Upbeat music playing in the background.

Closeup of coffee beans with steam coming through.

Onscreen text reading ‘The Queens Caffeine.’

Coffee beans cascading on a mound of coffee beans.

Savannah Bee Company 'Honey for Coffee’ falling and landing on a pile of coffee beans.

Coffee filling a white diner mug.

Close up of rotating shot of Savannah Bee company coffee bag.

Cascading shot for coffee beans sliding down the frame.

Close up shot of Savannah Bee Company ‘Honey for Coffee’ with steam coming from behind it.

Close up shot of coffee being poured from a pitcher.

Close up shot of coffee being poured into a mug. 

Honey dipper drizzling honey into a coffee mug with a jar of honey behind it. 

Honey being stirredinto a mug.

Savannah Bee Company’s ‘Honey for Coffee’ being placed next to a bag of honey roasted coffee, a diner mug, and a honey dipper.