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Lowcountry Honey 12oz Gift Set

Lowcountry Honey 12oz Gift Set

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The Lowcountry Gift Set provides a complete profile of the multitudinous flowering plants and trees of the verdant and complex landscape of the Lowcountry. The set includes 12oz jars of Palmetto Honey, Charleston Honey, and Savannah Honey. 

Saw Palmetto Honey: Dark in hue with smoky, woodsy notes, Saw Palmetto Honey holds up to strong flavors, making it a perfect addition to cheese and charcuterie boards. Sourced from all over the southeast including Florida, it is the oldest known honey in the Sunshine State. 

Charleston Honey: Bold and smoky-sweet as a sultry Southern night, this honey is befitting of the Holy City’s complex loveliness. The bees visit the Lowcountry’s dazzling array of wildflowers to bring out its distinctive flavor and South Carolina charm.  

Savannah Honey: The famous magnolias, spiderwort and other flowers of our home city provide a feast throughout the seasons for the bees. This delightful honey features floral notes and a rich, clean finish—pair it with fresh peaches for a true Georgia treat! 

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