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Oliver Bentleys 5 oz. Dog Bites

Oliver Bentleys 5 oz. Dog Bites

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It's pretty obvious we love bees here at Savannah Bee Company. Most of us here share our homes with dogs; many of us foster dogs; some of us volunteer at dog rescues. When someone brings their dog to the offices for the day, it's always a good time. It's amazing what a wagging tail and happy demeanor can do for morale!

We like to share everything with our four-legged companions, including a healthy diet.

Oliver Bentleys Dog Biscuits are baked in small batches right here in Savannah, using only premium, nutritious, wholesome ingredients. They are free of wheat, corn, and soy.These Original Honey Ginger biscuits are made with Savannah Bee Company honey. Honey provides dogs (and people) with essential vitamins and minerals, as well as antioxidants.

Each 8oz bag is guaranteed to contain a minimum of 12% crude protein and 11% crude fat, and a maximum of 1% crude fiber and 7% moisture.

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