Five Easy Ways You Can Help Save the Bees

Honey Bee Pollinating FlowerHoney bees are the unsung heroes of nature - and they need our support! These little workaholics help pollinate one in every three bites of delicious food we are lucky enough to eat. Some crops – like almonds – would never grow without honeybees. Honey bees are excellent pollinators because their hairy bodies collect pollen when they’re gathering nectar, and they carry it from plant to plant to create stronger fruits and vegetables. Do you want to help save the bees? It’s easier than you think!

Check off these five easy ways you can contribute:

  1. Use Honeybee friendly pest control. Pesticides don’t just kill the pests, they kill all insects. For your garden, check out A Home Gardener’s Guide To Safe, Bee-Friendly Pesticides. You can also google “Honeybee Friendly Pest Control” for eco-friendly professionals.
  2. Plant a Pollinator Garden. Honeybee’s are more attracted to certain flowers than others – just like us! Use your garden to support your local pollinators. Check out 100 Plants to Feed the Bees, or head to your local nursery for suggestions.
  3. No Neonicotinoids in the garden. Neonicotinoids are leading cause of Colony Collapse Disorder. Home Depot now marks plants that have been treated with neonics so you can easily avoid them. Lowe’s is phasing them outcompletely by 2019.
  4. Water the bees! Honeybees needs lots of fresh water. Fill a dish or birdbath with water and marbles for a cutehoneybee watering station. Get directions for this cute idea from Educate InspireChange.
  5. Buy Organic. Eating organic is good for you and good for the bees. Organic means no chemicals, pesticides or herbicides were used to grow your food. Less pesticides = more honeybees.

Tag us in your photos and show us your pollinator gardens this spring!