Royal Jelly Body Butter® Rosemary Lavender

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Tammy Leatherman

Nov 11th 2019

I decided to treat myself to this body butter and could not be happier I did. Just opening the box and seeing the way SBC packaged my items made me feel special. The body butter box alone is quite nice, but the product is sooo good. It smells delicious but isn't perfume-y or too bold on the skin. The butter itself is thick and wonderful. Easily absorbed by your skin, and not greasy. It leaves your skin incredibly soft. Feels indulgent. I will definitely be putting this product to good use and will by again. Savannah Bee Company, you rock!


Heather Dragon

Sep 2nd 2019

I have used Savannah bee for many years . I am allergic to everything but not your products. This rosemary lavender is fabulous . Thank you for an amazing quality product.



Royal Jelly Body Butter® Rosemary Lavender


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  • Contains all four hive ingredients: Royal Jelly, Beeswax, Propolis, Honey
  • Ultra-rich formula melts into skin with no greasy after-feel
  • Rosemary Lavender fragrance can help sustain attention during long-term tasks

Our Rosemary Lavender Royal Jelly Body Butter® deeply moisturizes and delivers multivitamins and antioxidants to your skin while providing the aromatherapy benefits of mood-enhancing rosemary and stress-reducing lavender. Skin-quenching butters and essential oils boost the moisturizing factor to keep your skin the way it was born to bee. The combination of rosemary and lavender essential oils produces a unique, herbaceous fragrance that is invigorating and calming at the same time, so you can Bee Balanced. 

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