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  • Savannah Bee Company - Honey Straws
  • Savannah Bee Company - Honey Straws

Honey Straws

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  • Product Details

    If you are looking for a healthy alternative to sugary snacks and candy, try Savannah Bee Company's honey straws. Our honey straws are light-weight, convenient and perfect for lunchboxes or snack time. Pure honey is nutritious, loaded with enzymes and pollen, and is a great, natural energy booster.

    Savannah Bee honey straws are filled with 100 percent pure yellow star thistle honey. This honey is light, bright and incredibly clean finishing. Try a honey straw before a workout or when you need a quick burst of energy during the middle of a long work day.

    They're a real treat -- without the unnecessary artificial colors, flavors and unhealthy sugars.

    Our Honey Straws are KSA Certified.

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Yummy and convenient

I got these as part of a hand-curated gift basket and they are amazing! The honey is light and sweet and honestly some of the best I have ever tasted. The design is genius - perfect for taking along with you - and I will definitely be buying more.

5 out of 5 Stars


Love them!

I love the straws! Very convenient way to have your favorite honey if you are away, I pack a couple of them in my lunch
Box to make my tea a sweet experience. I would like the size of the straws to be a little bigger, but my family and I love

5 out of 5 Stars



I LOVE honey sticks and these are absolutely divine. They are a sweet treat for anytime and wonderful when you have a sore throat.

5 out of 5 Stars

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  • Region

    U.S. Rocky Mountains
  • Tasting Notes

    Yellow Star Thistle honey is very light, crisp, and clean finishing. This honey is relatively thin with a high degree of clarity which makes it the perfect honey for our convenient honey straws.

  • Pairings

    Yellow Star Thistle pairs perfect with nearly all cheeses. Blue and smoked cheeses pair particularly well with this honey!
  • Did You Know?

    Yellow Star Thistle is a very prolific flowering "weed". Despite its somewhat obnoxious tendancy to out compete other species in its habitat, the honey produced from Yellow Star Thistle nectar is one of the most popular honeys in the world!

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