How We Came to Bee

Savannah Bee Company founder, Ted Dennard, and Tami Enright were two passionate beekeepers from Georgia and South Carolina who had committed their lives to safeguarding pollinators. Upon meeting through a mutual friend, they united their efforts to enhance their conservation impact by founding The Bee Cause Project in 2013.

Education Through Observation

The Bee Cause Project advocates for hands-on learning and community involvement as the key in supporting both people and pollinators. We offer grants that enable schools and organizations to install and sustain their own observation hives, which serve as educational tools to foster creativity, teamwork, critical thinking, and STEAM skills among observers of all ages.

The Bee Grant

Shortly after setting up the first observation hive at Sullivan's Island Elementary School, The Bee Cause project partnered with the Whole Kids Foundation on a national level. Together, with our sponsors, beekeepers, educators, and community members, we have awarded Bee Grants to over 1000 schools and organizations across the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico.

Community and Collaboration

Beyond the grants, The Bee Cause Project plants pollinator gardens, sells honey, donates pollinator-themed books to local libraries, and supports bee sanctuaries across the country. There are more than a few ways to educate and show love for pollinators.

Our Impact

As of 2024, we have reached 1.11 million children and supported 39 million honey bees in our conservation efforts - and the numbers will continue to grow with your help.