Winter (Not So) White

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Winter (Not So) White


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An explanation is in order here. Yes, this is Winter White. No, it’s not really all that white. It’s more of a beige or khaki. But that doesn’t mean there’s something wrong with it. Quite the opposite. Winter (Not So) White is every bit as delicious as its lighter cousin.

So why is it that color? Plain and simple, these jars just didn’t get enough cold air circulated around them during the “setting-up” phase of the manufacturing process. That just so happens to be when the honey crystallizes and transforms into its signature snowy white. This batch, however, stayed golden. This is not a bad thing -- to stay golden means to stay true to yourself. This batch was just trying to keep it real, folks.

What’s with the white stuff at the top? Around here, we like to call that the Angel Fluff. It’s like if marshmallows and meringue had a baby. Regular Winter White has this, too, but it’s just not as apparent because the rest of the honey is so light in color. Much like cream rises to the top during dairy processing, this layer of white foamy goodness forms as trapped air bubbles try to escape. Some will argue the Angel Fluff is the most delicious part.

If it’s as good as Winter White, why are you selling it so cheap? That’s a fair question. Even though it tastes divine, the texture doesn’t quite make the creaminess grade. That combined with the "off" color prevents it from meeting our product quality standards. We’re only selling it in 3- and 6-packs because it’s such a good deal, we know no one is going to buy just one. Please take advantage of our mess-up and enjoy this superior inferior product.

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