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  • Savannah Bee | Wine barrel platter side
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Wine Barrel Platter

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    The functional and beautiful Savannah Bee Wine Barrel Platter is the perfect addition to your celebration table. These stunning platters are cut directly from California vineyard wine barrels. The platters have been hand shaped and water sealed and are ready for your culinary creations.

    The wood from these barrels is richly stained by the red wine the barrels once contained. Each platter is unique and will vary in color, although all are absolutely gorgeous! The Savannah Bee Wine Barrel Platter will be the perfect conversation starter at your next party.

    Wine Barrel Platters are all approximately 8 x 12 inches although each platter will vary slightly because they are all hand-cut from full barrels. Wine stain will also vary according to the variety of red wine the barrel once contained.

    Not sure how to put together a honeycomb platter? Ted will show you how. Watch Video

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