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  • The Bee Cause | Youth T-shirt
  • The Bee Cause | Youth T-shirt

The Bee Cause Youth T-shirt

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    Hey kids! Show your support for the noble honey bee and the Bee Cause Project with this great Bee Cause t-shirt! The Bee Cause Project is an organization committed to educating youth (just like you!) and adults alike about the important role honey bees play in the ecosystem they inhabit.

    The Bee Cause Project installs honey bee observation hives in schools across the country to promote honey bee awareness to classroom teachers and their students. The mission of this organization is to install 1,000 observation hives in our nation's schools! Does your school have one?

    This super comfortable t-shirt is 100% cotton and features the Bee Cause logo.

    “Bees live as people should live: naturally, symbiotically, and in a manner that only contributes positively to the world around them.” - Ted Dennard, Beekeeper

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