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Taste of Honey

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    This is the perfect cookbook for those who love and understand the vast array of subtle and delicate flavors pure varietal honey can bring to any dish! Whether it be savory or sweet, there is a perfect honey for every recipe. Taste of Honey is the definitive guide to cooking and tasting with 40 different honey varieties. 

    Author Marie Simmons teaches how to use single origin honey in the kitchen. Her amazing recipes connect us to exotic regions and the hardworking honeybees that produce some of the finest honey varieties the planet has to offer.

    Taste of Honey is packed with lush photography and delectable recipes. This is not your ordinary cookbook, Taste of Honey is a book you will read from cover to cover. Marie Simmons creates an appeal for honey that will certainly lead her readers to care more for our struggling honeybee populations. 

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  • Natural Notes

    • Marie Simmons features forty different types of single origin varietal honey in these recipes.
    • Understand the life of the honeybee and what makes each honey unique - from color to flavor.

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